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July 2, 2016

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What is Servo ?

and Motivations

behind the project.

How Browser engines work

Fast Rendering and Parallel Layout

Low memory footprint and lesser power consumption

Embeddable engine compatible with Chrome Embedded Framework

Making browser engine less vulnerable to exploits ( thanks to Rust )

Servo's architecture

How Servo renders the web today

Why contribute ?

* Write real world rust code

* Better understanding of the web as a platform

* Appreciate how a browser engine works

How can i help

Very Easy! => Servo Starters

Ingredients to Contribute

  • Read web platform feature Spec
  • Write respective binding code, from the WebIDL spec
  • Write respective Rust code
  • Write a web platform test if applicable
  • Get mentioned on "This week in Servo" Yay! :D

Read web platform feature Spec

Add WebIDL interface definition and generate glue code

Write related rust code

Write a web platform test if applicable

Get mentioned on This week in Servo. Yay! :D

Other ways to get involved...

* Try Servo, in real world and File issues

* Improve Documentation

* Improve our build system'Mach'


So get Rusty and start contributing to Servo :)

Thanks; Questions ?